Connections – Shippers Connect – Freight Theft Prevention System


To add more Brokers to this internal connection system, enter their Agent ID# and click on ADD; the Agent must also be members of Brokers Connect service in order for this option to work. To start an internal connection CONTACT BROKER of the Broker with whom you would like a communicate with.

Shippers Connect, a feature within Brokers Connect, provides a secure communication channel for shippers and brokers, minimizing the risk of cyber threats compared to traditional emails. Freight fraud, costing the industry billions annually, impacts shippers, brokers, carriers, and other entities. Fraudsters employ methods like identity theft and double brokering to deceive and rob these stakeholders. While larger firms may have entire teams combating this issue, it’s crucial for all shippers and brokers to be vigilant and proactive to prevent falling victim to these scams.

Our mission is to ensure safe, efficient, and secure transportation while preventing freight theft.

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